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September 3rd, 2008(11:01pm)


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September 3rd, 2008(3:36pm)


Tag test number 2:

rosiel, allen, alphonse, ed elric, envy, roy mustang, adelheid, riku replica, saix, xemnas, xigbar, vanyel, null, dante(fma), havoc, tyki, ailynn, sanzo, kasady, junior, fayt, daniella, wander, goku
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Day 19: Breakfast [Tuesday
January 30th, 2007(1:37pm)


[ mood | confused ]

One minute he'd been trying to keep from drowning in whatever that stuff was and the next? The next he was waking up in alone in a room, his injuries bandaged, and clean clothes. Allen was more than a little disturbed by this. The screech of the intercom made him put his hands over his ears for a moment. As much as he might like to protest this arrangement, he'd rather have breakfast first. The exorcist had burned off a lot of energy last night, far more than he usually would have for that amount of work.

The rest of the storyCollapse )

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Day 19 [July 1, early morning] [Saturday
January 27th, 2007(9:21pm)


A screech of feedback heralded the start of another morning, nurses and other institute staff already busy about there duties. "Good morning to all, and most especially to our new arrivals. I do hope everyone will do their best to make them feel at home here. Staff please begin escorting people to breakfast. I believe we have a special treat of French toast this morning. "
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Day 19 [begin shift] [Saturday
January 27th, 2007(9:19pm)


A crackle and hiss of static blared form the intercom before subsiding into a dim background hum. "As enlightening and entertaining as this has all been, I do think it's time for all good little children to be in bed. Lights out everyone."

What little light remained in the building cut off abruptly, as if a great wave of blackness had suddenly crashed over the building in an attempt to drown it. No more creatures stirred, but there were currents moved in the darkness. They wound through rooms and halls, twined around limbs and bodies like overfriendly cats, and always they sought a way inside.

((As always take a little more time to wind things up if you need to, but no new nightshift posts please. Everyone will wake back up in their rooms, in clean clothing with any wounds treated. You will not loose any items you had on you, but it's good to hide them away before the nurses come to escort you to breakfast.))
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December 28th, 2006(7:02am)


[[Coming from here]]

Null stepped quietly into the room, studying the paintings framed and hanging on the walls and the well-stuffed chairs. But what drew his attention the most were the two metal doors. They were just begging to be investigated.

He walked over to one quietly and studied it, trying the handle only to find it was locked. Well, that made sense, why have a big sturdy door like that if it wasn't going to be locked?
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Day 18 - NIGHTSHIFT: Solitary confinement hallway [Monday
December 25th, 2006(7:09pm)


(( coming from this post. ))

The scream and hiss of static froze Saïx mid-movement and he remained thus throughout the transmission, but as soon as the blasted intercom had finished it's message he snorted. Straightening. Supper sounded like a marvelous idea, although he had no idea where this cafeteria was supposed to be located, as he had had all his own meals served here, in his cell. He supposed it would be so no more. Food..
He looked back over his shoulder at the man still on the floor. 'Xemnas. We must make certain to disinfect and bandage ourselves before something happens. That creature previously outside the door might still be around, or something else could scent our blood-spill. Let's not linger.' He turned around wholly and extended his right hand - uninjured and strong, still - to help his Superior back up on his feet. 'I know where we may go for antiseptics and the like. Please, let me show you where to go. Then we might see if we can find where this promised food is.'
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Day 18 - Cafeteria (Sunset) [Wednesday
December 20th, 2006(9:36pm)


[ mood | hungry ]

Coming in fron the garden, the replica made a bee-line for the cafeteria, following the smell of food. His stomach was growling, and he didn't think well at the best of times. Once he had food in his belly again, he'd contemplate the letter. And who knew? Maybe Xehanort would show up. The intercom had announced dinner for everyone to hear, after all.

Sitting down at the first table he came to, the replica made sure not to leave his back to any doors. The food didn't seem to be ready just yet, so he fished out the letter and his flashlight and tried to see if he could guess any of the smudged words while he waited.

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Day 18- Wandering the Halls [Wednesday
December 13th, 2006(2:13pm)


The sudden screech of the intercom instantly knocked Demyx out of his unconscious state. His mind wasn’t able to focus on the words of the strange voice. It most certainly wasn’t familiar. Demyx was, dare to say, confused and a bit scared. He was draped in different unfamiliar clothing and seemingly sealed in a room he did not recognize. The room itself was deathly quiet, which unnerved him, and there seemed to be no one else around. He slowly crawled onto his hands and knees and shuffled towards the door.

A gentle shove. It was unlocked, but Demyx debated heavily in his mind whether or not he was expected to leave. He pushed the door open a bit more just to have a peak and saw that the halls, just as his room, were completely baron. He eventually climbed to his feet using the support of the unlocked door handle and stepped outside his room.

As to where he was headed, Demyx had no idea. He wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to found someone or be found. He most certainly wasn’t home anymore, and how he got here was a mystery to him. The main thing he wished to discover was where was he, and wherever he was, was he safe here?
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Day 18 [June 31, two hours before full dark] [Tuesday
December 12th, 2006(2:30am)


There was a deafening screech of feedback that echoed throughout the entirety of the institute, from rooftop to tunnels. When it finally died away the bland voice that emerged almost seemed like a whisper. "It seems some of our new arrivals are having a bit more trouble then others finding their footing, but hopefully they will be joining in the festivities soon.

I must say I am both pleased and disappointed in the rest of you. Your caution can be both an asset and one of your greatest weaknesses. Perhaps we shall have to see which very soon. Yes, rooms are safer then the halls, but nowhere is actually safe. And, before you get your hopes up, there is no escape, no salvation. There is only Landel's. And me.

To our lone wanderer. My you have been getting around, haven't you? Just a hop, skip and a jump short of the tour I gave one of our more warlike groups. Best watch yourself though, running errands here is a hazardous job at best." There was a long pause. "Not to mention I was rather fond of those flowers. There will be an accounting for that.

To the remnants of the group in the tunnels: VERY WELL DONE. I am impressed. Most haven’t made the progress you have, either currently or in the past. None have, to be perfectly honest, though the state of things has let you discover that already, I am sure. Do give my humblest regards to our respected founder. It seems I'll need to give you greater challenges in the future.

For anyone brave enough to be interested, there will be dinner available in the cafeteria starting one hour before full dark. If you're lucky you might even get there before I let more of my little pawns out to play.

To my own dear ones, I remind you that there is more going on here then your own petty games. Do not forget again." The voice practically hissed the last sentence before there was a crash as of something heavy being slammed down and the intercom fell deathly silent.

((New players who haven't made an intro post yet are welcome to do so here.))
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Day 18 - F2 Hallway [Sunday
December 3rd, 2006(12:33pm)


The replica whirled around to see who she had been addressing. He tried desperately to focus his bleary eyes as a panel on the far wall that had seemed two-dimensional a moment before, suddenly stretched and began to become three-dimensional. He didn't have time to process what was going on, much less run from the hands that suddenly reached out and yanked him into the painting. Then he found himself zooming through blind space, trying not to hurl, to disoriented to even curse until he was abruptly spat back out into proper three-dimensional space with a floor and walls.

"Check underneath." a creepy voice whispered as the hands disappeared back into a new painting. The replica stumbled back, heart pounding, trying to get his bearings. Check underneath what? he thought. Then again, it probably wasn't the best idea to take advice from creepy voices in living paintings.

Breathing more steadily, he glanced up and down the hallway in which he found himself. It looked like the one outside his room. Had he come full circle? Checking the numbers on the outside, he saw they were different, or they had a different letter in front of them anyway. Well, he'd asked to be taken to where he could find a decent, reliable weapon. As there didn't seem to be any around the dead end of the hall where he'd been spit back out, the replica decided he should search the nearby rooms. As bad as his vision still was, it might not be a bad idea to raid one for a flashlight, either. He'd never used his own, but desperate times... Besides, the items Breena wanted him to find were both small. He'd need decent light if he wanted any hope of finding them.

The search took forever. When he was just about ready to curse everyone and forget about it, he checked underneath the mattress and found a small axe, some dried fruit, and half a roll of bandages. Quite a haul for this place, but An axe? The replica examined it, testing the edge. Didn't feel very sharp, but he wasn't exactly an expert on axes. Maybe if he got to the kitchen, he could find something to sharpen it on. Then again, the kitchen would probably have knives he could use...
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Day 18 - MORNING to AFTERNOON [Sunday
November 26th, 2006(11:56pm)


There was a hole on the far end of the cell wall. That was strange; he'd never seen it there before. And he'd seen a whole lot of this room for a very long time now. But now there was a little hole in the concrete, just about big enough to get a finger through - maybe two if you really coaxed and pressed some - and Saïx lay flat on his belly with an eye pressed against it to see what was on the other side with almost child-like glee.
   There was light in there: dull and warm just like in his own room. Like a window high up on the wall, and a ceiling lamp. Just like his. It was probably another cell then. He could hear something moving in there however, and it crawled all over his curiosity like a cockroach. Was it another person? Or one of those horrid rats? Or maybe just that - an insect? Whatever it was, he was anxious to see it, and so started clawing away at the crumbling mortar, satisfied at seeing it fall away in flakey, white pieces under his hard nails.
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Day 18 - M1 Hallway [Saturday
November 18th, 2006(1:21pm)


[ mood | awake ]

Coming from here.

Ed went back into his room long enough to dig around. He found the coat and put it on. Sure, it was dumb looking, but he was used to wearing one after all this time. Besides, he needed somewhere to carry things, right?

He decided to leave the useless things behind and just take the extra batteries and a couple of pens. He didn't really think he needed the other stuff - not that there was much other stuff, but still.

He finally gathered his courage and walked out into the hallway, making sure to shine the flashlight in front of him - and side to side, just to be sure.

There didn't seem to be anyone else in the hallway. Well, not yet. He'd have to be careful, though - he'd heard funny noises while he was digging around in his room.

Yeah. The faster I get out of this place, the better.

For now, he was content to suspend his belief. What choice did he have, right? But the first chance he got, he intended to question someone at length about this crap.

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Day 18 [June 31, 4pm] [Sunday
November 5th, 2006(4:38am)


[ mood | amused ]

A pleased chuckle emerged slowly from the static as intercoms all over the building switched on. "My, my it is good to see you all getting your feet back under you so quickly despite everything. You're being excellent sports, but the fun isn't over yet. I know all you old timers will be happy to hear that I'm tossing a bit more fresh meat in with you. Good luck trying to look after them. Or you could just use them to your advantage. I look forward to seeing how pragmatic you all have learned to be by this point." The voice laughed again, a lower darker sound, static still crackling softly behind it. "For you new arrivals, please enjoy your stay. Short or long as it may be. Welcome, welcome all."

((New arrivals who haven't posted intros yet can do it here.))

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Day 18: Special Counseling Waiting Room [Friday
November 3rd, 2006(1:17pm)


[ mood | scared ]

The replica's nurse had just finished rewrapping his wounds and gone to get his clothes when the earthquake--or whatever the hell that had been--happened. She didn't come back.

He'd heard a lot of messed up stuff happening aside from the earth and walls trembling. The lightbulbs had shattered, he guessed. Great. And I'm barefoot and blind. Which at least put everyone on the same playing field as him, but still.

He smelled something funny going on. Kind of like how the halls had felt last night. Whatever weird thing happened here at night, the replica had a feeling it was happening again right now. And he was wearing nothing more than a towel, trapped in a new room he didn't know the way out of with a bunch of panicked people.

When a hand suddenly gripped his arm, he nearly jumped out of his skin. Then he used his brain and realised the hand felt familiar at the same time as he recognized Ansem's smell. Kind of unmistakeable, all that darkness.

"What are you--?" But he didn't have time to finish asking the question. The other hand clamped over his mouth and the Seeker of Darkness hauled him out of the room. The replica had no idea where they were going, and all of this pretty much sucked. But Ansem had helped him before, and they'd just agreed on an alliance, so it wouldn't make sense for him to be doing anything bad. Plus there was the fact they were both half naked and the other man hadn't tried anything. That was enough of an indication that he meant no harm for the replica to trust him.

He heard a second door opening and closing behind them, and then silence. Whatever this room was, it didn't feel quite as bad as the showers had, and the absence of panicked people was a good thing. Still, Ansem--no, Xehanort--could stop manhandling him right about now. The replica gripped his wrist and shoved the muscular arm away, getting the hand off his mouth more roughly than he needed to. But he wanted to make a point.

"What's going on?" he asked in a low voice.

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Day 18: Tunnels [Monday
October 23rd, 2006(4:32pm)


"This place does seem remarkably skilled in bringing up memories that we would rather not think about." That was all Adelheid would say on the matter, really; they were both fine, and there was no point in belaboring the matter when it was obviously something that bothered the boy. Later on, perhaps, they'd touch on it again... but for now, there was more to worry about.

He'd have to learn how to use that magic, though; being able to cover the entire group in such situations would be extremely useful.

In the meantime, he turned to Quistis; they would need that light, and so long as she had it, it would be best to follow her for a moment. "I can only assume that we are beneath the asylum proper. Well then..." A slight sort of smile, as he glanced around and weighed their options, eventually motioning towards the room in front of them. "It seems like we have an obvious choice of where to go. Shall we?"
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Day 18: Heading away from the female wing and toward the male wing [Saturday
October 21st, 2006(11:21pm)


He was feeling pretty good about their chances until they took the first turn out into the hall in front of the music room. The floor felt wrong under his bare feet. Warm and almost… squishy to the touch. He glanced down at it nervously, but it looked no different then any of the other parts of tile floor around it. Still he slowed down to pick his footing more carefully across that patch, breathing a sigh of relief when he felt the tile grow chillier and harder again. He was almost starting to hope as the main hall came into view and le glanced around the corner. It looked clear enough, as far as the light extended. That shadows further down were to thick to see through by just the glowing mist that hovered around the destroyed lights. He blinked and squinted up at the light fixture nearest them. Yes, definitely unpleasant looking glowing mist. How had he missed that? His eyes flickered to the more brightly glowing bluish ball that hovered in front of them. Well, this might have some disadvantages after all.
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Day 18: M1 hall. [Saturday
October 14th, 2006(6:45am)


Just to be on the safe side, Allen stuck walking close to the wall. This place looked like a hospital, but somehow it felt downright sinister. But then again, he could just being paraniod right now. Paranioa tended to keep exorcists alive, to be fair. An Akuma could be anyone, that baby on his mom's shoulders, the guy staring off into space, or that pervert whom is giving you a hungry look. Each and everyone of them, could be an Akuma, just waiting for an exorcist to drop their gaurd. It was when his thoughts turned this morbid and outright depressing, Allen once again was grateful for the cursed eye.

As much as it could be a pain in the ass, it showed him what was a threat, and what wasn't. He made his way down the hall cautiously, ready to invoke his anti-akuma weapon at the slightest hint of danger.
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Day 18 [Saturday
October 14th, 2006(6:00am)


The intercom crackled to life. Well, it seems some of you have been profiting from the misfortune of others. Bravo, there may be hope for you yet. Just to keep things interesting though, I've found you a few more playmates. Do try to give them proper welcomes." The voice chuckled softly as the intercom snapped off with a hiss of static.

((Intro posts can go under this. Happy playing.))
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Day 18: Showers [Monday
October 9th, 2006(5:21am)


[ mood | confused ]

When the building shook Al had instinctively reached for his brother. He'd lost him before he didn't wish to lose him again. They'd just gotten to see one another again. Alphonse shut his eyes as the strange change and keening whine seemed to flow outward like a tidal wave. The intercom's announcement filled the teenager with dread and he swallowed quietly before risking a glance about. It was far too quiet and the intercom had mentioned a narrowing of the people? He wasn't certain he'd heard that part right.

Never the less, it didn't sound all that wonderful. "Nii-san? Nii-san can you hear me?" First thing was first, the Elric had to make sure his brother was still around. The young alchemist touched the tile as he looked around. It was dark, far too dark to see. He reminded himself he had to think about this rationally. Panicking, or barreling ahead without a plan, or a direction was the quickest way to get killed. Alphonse shifted his feet slightly and reached again for the last place he remembered his brother being.

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