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Day 18 - M1 Hallway

Coming from here.

Ed went back into his room long enough to dig around. He found the coat and put it on. Sure, it was dumb looking, but he was used to wearing one after all this time. Besides, he needed somewhere to carry things, right?

He decided to leave the useless things behind and just take the extra batteries and a couple of pens. He didn't really think he needed the other stuff - not that there was much other stuff, but still.

He finally gathered his courage and walked out into the hallway, making sure to shine the flashlight in front of him - and side to side, just to be sure.

There didn't seem to be anyone else in the hallway. Well, not yet. He'd have to be careful, though - he'd heard funny noises while he was digging around in his room.

Yeah. The faster I get out of this place, the better.

For now, he was content to suspend his belief. What choice did he have, right? But the first chance he got, he intended to question someone at length about this crap.
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