The Intercom (redux_intercom) wrote in landels_redux,
The Intercom

Day 18 [June 31, two hours before full dark]

There was a deafening screech of feedback that echoed throughout the entirety of the institute, from rooftop to tunnels. When it finally died away the bland voice that emerged almost seemed like a whisper. "It seems some of our new arrivals are having a bit more trouble then others finding their footing, but hopefully they will be joining in the festivities soon.

I must say I am both pleased and disappointed in the rest of you. Your caution can be both an asset and one of your greatest weaknesses. Perhaps we shall have to see which very soon. Yes, rooms are safer then the halls, but nowhere is actually safe. And, before you get your hopes up, there is no escape, no salvation. There is only Landel's. And me.

To our lone wanderer. My you have been getting around, haven't you? Just a hop, skip and a jump short of the tour I gave one of our more warlike groups. Best watch yourself though, running errands here is a hazardous job at best." There was a long pause. "Not to mention I was rather fond of those flowers. There will be an accounting for that.

To the remnants of the group in the tunnels: VERY WELL DONE. I am impressed. Most haven’t made the progress you have, either currently or in the past. None have, to be perfectly honest, though the state of things has let you discover that already, I am sure. Do give my humblest regards to our respected founder. It seems I'll need to give you greater challenges in the future.

For anyone brave enough to be interested, there will be dinner available in the cafeteria starting one hour before full dark. If you're lucky you might even get there before I let more of my little pawns out to play.

To my own dear ones, I remind you that there is more going on here then your own petty games. Do not forget again." The voice practically hissed the last sentence before there was a crash as of something heavy being slammed down and the intercom fell deathly silent.

((New players who haven't made an intro post yet are welcome to do so here.))
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