obbligatositaro (obbligatositaro) wrote in landels_redux,

Day 18- Wandering the Halls

The sudden screech of the intercom instantly knocked Demyx out of his unconscious state. His mind wasn’t able to focus on the words of the strange voice. It most certainly wasn’t familiar. Demyx was, dare to say, confused and a bit scared. He was draped in different unfamiliar clothing and seemingly sealed in a room he did not recognize. The room itself was deathly quiet, which unnerved him, and there seemed to be no one else around. He slowly crawled onto his hands and knees and shuffled towards the door.

A gentle shove. It was unlocked, but Demyx debated heavily in his mind whether or not he was expected to leave. He pushed the door open a bit more just to have a peak and saw that the halls, just as his room, were completely baron. He eventually climbed to his feet using the support of the unlocked door handle and stepped outside his room.

As to where he was headed, Demyx had no idea. He wasn’t entirely sure if he wanted to found someone or be found. He most certainly wasn’t home anymore, and how he got here was a mystery to him. The main thing he wished to discover was where was he, and wherever he was, was he safe here?
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