Riku Replica (nisemono_janai) wrote in landels_redux,
Riku Replica

Day 18 - F2 Hallway

The replica whirled around to see who she had been addressing. He tried desperately to focus his bleary eyes as a panel on the far wall that had seemed two-dimensional a moment before, suddenly stretched and began to become three-dimensional. He didn't have time to process what was going on, much less run from the hands that suddenly reached out and yanked him into the painting. Then he found himself zooming through blind space, trying not to hurl, to disoriented to even curse until he was abruptly spat back out into proper three-dimensional space with a floor and walls.

"Check underneath." a creepy voice whispered as the hands disappeared back into a new painting. The replica stumbled back, heart pounding, trying to get his bearings. Check underneath what? he thought. Then again, it probably wasn't the best idea to take advice from creepy voices in living paintings.

Breathing more steadily, he glanced up and down the hallway in which he found himself. It looked like the one outside his room. Had he come full circle? Checking the numbers on the outside, he saw they were different, or they had a different letter in front of them anyway. Well, he'd asked to be taken to where he could find a decent, reliable weapon. As there didn't seem to be any around the dead end of the hall where he'd been spit back out, the replica decided he should search the nearby rooms. As bad as his vision still was, it might not be a bad idea to raid one for a flashlight, either. He'd never used his own, but desperate times... Besides, the items Breena wanted him to find were both small. He'd need decent light if he wanted any hope of finding them.

The search took forever. When he was just about ready to curse everyone and forget about it, he checked underneath the mattress and found a small axe, some dried fruit, and half a roll of bandages. Quite a haul for this place, but An axe? The replica examined it, testing the edge. Didn't feel very sharp, but he wasn't exactly an expert on axes. Maybe if he got to the kitchen, he could find something to sharpen it on. Then again, the kitchen would probably have knives he could use...
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