The Intercom (redux_intercom) wrote in landels_redux,
The Intercom

Day 19 [begin shift]

A crackle and hiss of static blared form the intercom before subsiding into a dim background hum. "As enlightening and entertaining as this has all been, I do think it's time for all good little children to be in bed. Lights out everyone."

What little light remained in the building cut off abruptly, as if a great wave of blackness had suddenly crashed over the building in an attempt to drown it. No more creatures stirred, but there were currents moved in the darkness. They wound through rooms and halls, twined around limbs and bodies like overfriendly cats, and always they sought a way inside.

((As always take a little more time to wind things up if you need to, but no new nightshift posts please. Everyone will wake back up in their rooms, in clean clothing with any wounds treated. You will not loose any items you had on you, but it's good to hide them away before the nurses come to escort you to breakfast.))
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