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Day 19: Breakfast

One minute he'd been trying to keep from drowning in whatever that stuff was and the next? The next he was waking up in alone in a room, his injuries bandaged, and clean clothes. Allen was more than a little disturbed by this. The screech of the intercom made him put his hands over his ears for a moment. As much as he might like to protest this arrangement, he'd rather have breakfast first. The exorcist had burned off a lot of energy last night, far more than he usually would have for that amount of work.

He followed the nurse out when she came to get him and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Maybe he'd see Ashi or Envy sometime today. Vaynel would be good to see too, or the blonde that got sucked up by...the building. He still was wondering if the Earl was behind this. The fat freak was sick enough, but did he have the level of power that would enable him to mess with other worlds? He hoped not, he didn't wish Akuma or the Noah on anyone.

He snagged a tray and loaded it up once he got into the cafeteria. Allen sighed softly as he settled at a table and sipped the plain tea he'd grabbed. He didn't think himself to be this much of an early riser. Normally the only reason he'd get up this early in the day was a mission. The teenager shoved a forkful of french toast in his face and chewed slowly. Where the other exorcists here?
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