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landels_redux's Journal

Landel's [ R E D U X ]
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stealing is a bad thing.

::Prepare Yourself::

The batteries in my flashlight are dying. Soon the light will be gone, and they’ll come for me. I can hear them, moving in the walls. Click click, scratch scratch, I can hear their claws. Everything has claws at night. Claws and teeth that rip and tear...

I still have the knife I stole from the kitchen. It’s dull now, but I’ll stab out their eyes. If they have eyes. Oh god, I can hear them. The light is growing dimmer. I should have found a room, but I didn’t have time! They were after me, so close. I felt their teeth. I feel them now, phantom pricks of pain against my legs. They know. They know I plan on escaping. I’ve planned so long, so very long. I have to get out. I’ll go mad if I don’t get out, truly mad. As mad as the doctor’s tell me that I am. They’re the mad ones, they who run this hellish place with monsters spawned of the deepest of hells, they who cage human beings like lab rats! They’re depraved, and they must be stopped!

They’re getting closer. They can smell me, I know they can. They’re in the walls, outside the door, slinking along the hallways to find me. I must be quiet. Can they hear the sound of my pen on paper? My breathing? My heart? It feels as though it’s going to burst.

The doctors took her away today. I swear I heard her screaming as I passed by the stairs to basement. It sounded like her, but it wasn’t a human scream.

They’ll come for me next. I know they will! They’ve been watching me. They write in their little charts and smile and nod and all the while I know they’re planning to

Oh god! I can hear them! Right outside the door! There’s no more light, it’s dead. Oh god, it’s dead and I’m alone and the others were all taken. Dear god forgive me, I tried! I tried. I tried to protect them, I tried to escape! Please, god, forgive me. Though I walk through the valley of the

No time! They’ve broken down the door! Oh god, the smell! Their eyes! Oh god, their eyes, their eyes in the darkness! Please, let it be…


By day, Landel’s Institute seems to be an ordinary Mental Health Facility. The doctors and staff are friendly and helpful, seemingly devoted to the care and rehabilitation of the many patients that reside within. Days are tightly scheduled, with plenty of safe and mundane activities for patients - such as Arts and Crafts and frequent trips to the Music Room. There's just one little catch.

Each patient knows they’re sane, knows that they simply woke up in a strange white room one morning, captive against their will. They know everything they remember is real, and that the world and life they know is certainly not a delusion - as the doctors attempt to tell them.

Nighttime assures patients that all is not well in Landel's. At night, everything changes. Creatures with a taste for flesh wander the dark corridors, and even the staff turn into something ghastly. The very building itself becomes deadly. The bright and cheerful mental hospital turns into something worse than any mortal nightmare. Armed only with a flashlight (found under each pillow), and a small assortment of other items, patients must use their wits and skills to fight, survive, and if they’re lucky, perhaps even escape…

stealing is a bad thing.


You are expected to read and follow every one of these to the letter. Failure to do so will result in steps being taken against you.

Only character journals will be accepted for membership.

stealing is a bad thing.


Current Mod(s)

Ashi/Fury AIM: Empty Geas

All mods will generally review applications, NPC creatures and nurses, and make intercom/radio posts. If you have a question/problem, feel free to contact any mod or mod assistant that is online at the time. They will do their best to assist you!

Redux Institute Founders

Alex/Xiaron/Sunde AIM: Xiaron
Sevvie/Sev/Jen AIM: nomifields
Court AIM: that damn showy
Erin AIM: Scars of Ishbal
Ashi/Fury AIM: Empty Geas

stealing is a bad thing.


::Application Guidelines::

Please read and understand the guidelines before you start an application. Your character application runs the risk of being turned down if you fail to do so.


Applications are OPEN.

stealing is a bad thing.


landels_redux: You're here right now. This is where all of the role-playing takes place. Dayshift, nightshift, everything. Intercom posts, therapy, the works. You must be a member of this community if you want to participate. We will only approve your request to join after we have approved your application and been informed of your journal name.

redux_lounge: Out of character community. Want to rant about how funny a recent thread is? Need to coordinate how a thread is going to run? Want to post a song that reminds you of the RP? Want to throw up a doodle you did of a particular scene? Use this for player-to-player communication. It is required you be a member of this community, as mods will post there with important information at times. (Polls on how the RP is going, etc.)

redux_info: Everything about gameplay, the rules, and other tidbits of information that are relevant to the game will be posted here. Make sure you add this community to your character journal's friends-list so you are always aware of what is going on. (Please don't try to join the community, since only certain journal accounts are permitted to post there!)

redux_relations: Whenever your thread gets a little too steamy, you can make a new post here and link to it from the original scene in the main community. It's your choice whether or not to join here, so make sure you're comfortable with NC-17 material before you friend it.

stealing is a bad thing.

::Gameplay Basics::

After You're Accepted

Different Modes of Play

NPCs and Their Functions

Intercom and Radio Transmissions


Special Counseling

Night Shift


Character Death and Memory Wipes


stealing is a bad thing.

::Useful In Game Info::

Maps and Room Descriptions

The Patient Library

The Garden

Room Assignments


Contact List

stealing is a bad thing.

::The Patients::
((Right now this list contains only the people who have notified me they want to play and have been posting. If you were taken off but still wanted to remain in the game, let me know and I would be happy to add you back. If you're new and don't see your name here, I just haven't gotten to updating yet. Feel free to poke me if I take more then a few days.))

Angel Sanctuary

Rosiel: beautycorrupted [Played by tsukitaichou.]

D Grayman

Allen Walker: xcrownclownx [Played by false_smile.]

Fullmetal Alchemist

Alphonse Elric: rebirthed_heart [Played by false_smile.]
Ashley Kemp (original): thermal_shift [Played by empty_geas.]
Edward Elric: fullmetaledward [Played by tsukitaichou.]
Envy: xfourth_sinx [Played by false_smile.]
Roy Mustang: colonel_shit [Played by guardianmars.]

King of Fighters

Adelheid Bernstein: a_bernstein [Played by jade_pen.]

Kingdom Hearts

Ansem seeksthedark [Played by aether.] ((On hiatus))
Demyx obbligatositaro [Played by minorbones.]
Riku Replica nisemono_janai [Played by white_death.]
Sora the_bluest_sky [Played by tsukitaichou.]
Saix hearts_laughter [Played by debatable_truth.]
Xemnas master_oblivian [Played by raven_velith.]
Xigbar deathlessly [Played by rixis.]

Last Herald Mage

Vanyel Ashkevron: fandes_herald [Played by icedark_elf.]((On hiatus))

Metal Gear Solid

Null: i_am_null [Played by grayfoxinabox.]

stealing is a bad thing.

::NPC Journals::

The Intercom: redux_intercom

The Radio: redux_radio

The Doctors: redux_phd

The Nurses: redux_orderlies

The Creatures: redux_creatures

::Misc Journals::

The Timeline: redux_timeline